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Health Center offering emergency medical services and specialized care without appointment, our client operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For some time, the troops’ morale left room for improvement, several employees could not keep up with the work pace, which led to several professional burnouts. Lack of resources and unstable hours contributed to an unhealthy work environment for the team. In addition, the existing team leaders had difficulty in owning their management position and taking their place with their team. The lack of communication from managers had an impact on employee mobilization and their engagement with the company.


A Few Challenges

Management behavior

  • Non-integrated performance management culture in the team leaders’ position
  • 6% of the time in active supervision
  • 44% of the time on the floor, performing technical work
  • 27% of the time in reactive supervision

Management operating system

  • No implemented performance indicators
  • No daily monitoring tools

Communication structure

  • No communication meeting with employees
  • No employee involvement in continuous improvement

Human resources

  • Tense working climate
  • Occupational burnout of several employees
  • Lack of resources
  • Resources with little experience


Deployed Strategy

Strategic results

  • Performance-oriented management culture
  • Kick-off meeting at the beginning of the shift
  • Visual identification in the department of health care
  • Communication board set up and monitoring of performance indicators
  • Review training process
  • Implementation of tools for assessing the complexity of cases
  • Implementation of a communication structure
  • Continuous improvement meeting every month

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