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In recent years, this company invested a lot of effort in its growth. Despite a significant investment in the maintenance department, the team was having trouble keeping up. Management even studied the possibility of outsourcing. The team was able to get the job done by complying with maintenance planning, but the overtime rate exploded. In addition, employees were often waiting for their work assignments, and communication was virtually non-existent between employees and team managers. Management observed the working atmosphere was becoming tenser and had doubts about being able to continue the company’s growth.


A Few Challenges

Management behavior

  • Non-integrated performance management culture in the role of supervisors
  • 13% of the time in active supervision
  • 87% of the time in reactive supervision

Management operating system

  • No performance indicators implemented
  • No daily monitoring tools
  • Management operating system evaluated at 15%

Communication structure

  • No communication meeting with employees
  • No planning meeting
  • No employee involvement in process improvement
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Management operating system

15% to 88%

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36% to 65%

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235 hours to 54 hours


Deployed Strategy

Strategic Results

  • Performance-oriented management culture
  • 2 follow-up tours by supervisors
  • Communication boards in each department
  • Follow-up of 4 key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Implementation of a communication structure
  • Implemented 15 opportunities for improvement
  • 1 continuous improvement meeting every week
  • Training of a coordinator to ensure maintenance and sustainability

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